Kevin K. McGuigan

Kevin K. McGuigan

Kevin K. McGuigan

Kevin K. McGuigan is a Research Associate who began working at NSCC’s AGRG in 2010 after obtaining an Advanced Diploma in Remote Sensing from the Centre of Geographic Sciences. He specializes in aerial lidar research, low altitude aerial photography, and hydrodynamic modeling. He has continued to push the boundaries in research projects involving high-resolution 1D-2D hydrodynamic flood modelling for various coastal and inland regions throughout the Maritimes to help prepare for increasing risks to coastal and inland infrastructure due to climate change. Kevin has a B.Sc. in Earth Sciences from St Francis Xavier University. His recent research involves aerial bathymetric lidar feature recognition, lidar waveform visualization, and the automation of hydrological network mapping.

Kevin is a key member of the development team at the NSCC’s new virtual reality research lab located in Middleton, Nova Scotia – working as part of a team of programmers and geospatial technicians keen on integrating real world data into the emerging and immersive world of virtual reality.


Data from the Skies. This panel will explore the use of drones and satellites collecting and analyzing data for agricultural applications from vineyards to crops to animals. Kevin is a panelist.


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