Jolene MacEachern

Jolene MacEachern

Jolene MacEachern

Jolene MacEachern is a member of the Industry Liaison and Innovation team at Dalhousie University and is responsible for the agriculture and aquaculture portfolios. She is located on the Agricultural Campus in Truro, where she has worked for a decade in various roles supporting industry development and innovation.

In her other life as a farm owner, she sees first hand the crucial role data plays in successful farm management and also understands that we are only at the beginning of a transformational wave in the use of technology and data to change the way in which we feed the world.


Farm to Plate: Using Data to Feed the World

Getting food from farm to plate is a challenge. Accomplishing this feat while ensuring products retain their quality, are favourable to consumers, all the while reducing waste and working efficiently is very difficult. Big Data has the potential to alleviate some of the pains in this process by providing critical information to those all along the value chain as they rise to the challenge of feeding almost 10 billion people by 2050.


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