Dr. Michael Shepherd

Dr. Michael Shepherd

Dr. Michael Shepherd

Dr. Shepherd was a Professor in the Faculty of Computer Science at Dalhousie University and served as the Dean of the Faculty for 7 years.   As Dean, he led the initiative to create the Institute for Big Data Analytics at Dalhousie, the first such institute in Canada.  He was also instrumental in the creation of ShiftKey Labs, an ICT Sandbox for budding student entrepreneurs, providing them a sandbox in which to develop their ideas and to receive both technical and business mentorship.

He is President of the not-for-profit Big Data Alliance of Nova Scotia and is Chair of this year’s Big Data Congress. He is a member of the board of the World Confederation of Productivity Science and a Fellow of the World Academy of Productivity Science.

He has a particular interest in facilitating Industry-University collaborations.


Dr. Shepherd will be the host of the Visual Analytics for Business session on the morning of November 8th.


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