Dr. Danny Silver

Dr. Danny Silver

Dr. Danny Silver

Danny is currently the Director of the  Acadia Institute for Data Analytics. His research focuses on machine learning and its application in data analytics, data mining, user modelling, and intelligent and adaptive systems. Danny teaches related courses as well as courses on software engineering, web-centric programmning and the impact of computing on our environment and society.
Danny was the President of the Canadian Artificiual Intellgence Association(CAIAC) from 2009-2011 and am now a member of the ChaLearnBoard of Directors. In 2005, Danny founded the Acadia University Robot Programming Competitions and have been the FIRST LEGO League(FLL) Partner for Nova Scotia since 2006.  In 2011 he accepted the Science Champion Award from the Nova Scotia Discovery Center on behalf of all the wonderful people at Acadia and the NSCC that I have had the pleasure to work with on youth robotics and the advancement of STEM education.  In December, 2014, Danny became an Honorary Colonel in the RCAF attached to the 14 Wing Software Engineering Squadron, in Greenwood, NS.

Since January, 1993, Danny has operated a consulting business, CogNova Technologies, that offers services in the areas of machine learning, knowledge discovery and data mining.



Data Analytics and a Sustainable Secure Food Supply. Exploring how Big Data and analytics can be used in managing a sustainable and secure food supply around the world.


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