Andy Stone

Andy Stone

Andy Stone

Andy has spent most of his career helping companies and other organizations benefit from scientific technologies. As Director of Business Development for Genome Atlantic, he is primarily focused on connecting companies and academic experts to address key industry problems through genomics solutions. Genome Atlantic currently has genomics R&D projects in aquaculture, environmental monitoring and energy within the ocean sector.

Andy brings 20 years experience of innovation management to the industry/academic project teams he works with. His understanding of opportunity assessment, de-risking research and development, and technology transfer facilitates partnerships between companies and researchers.

He is committed to making the process as simple as possible so that project teams can pursue solid R&D projects that produce excellent results.

Before joining Genome Atlantic, Andy honed his skills at a range of public and private organizations, including the National Research Council of Canada, Hospira (a spinout of Abbott) and Capital Health. Andy received his BSc and MBA (Management of Innovation) from McMaster University.

Andy is on the The Digital Ocean Frontier panel. Exploring what lies ahead, opportunities and challenges.


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