Adam Mugridge

Adam Mugridge

Adam Mugridge

Species Development Biologist

A Cape Bretoner born and raised, Adam Mugridge graduated from Dalhousie’s marine biology program in 2003 and started working with Louisbourg Seafoods on the development of several new emerging offshore fisheries including hagfish, sea cucumber, and whelk.  Adam is the head of science for the company, ensuring that fisheries are accountable and operated sustainably and he is the lead for research within the Kennedy Group.

Together with the Louisbourg Seafoods team, Adam has worked on a wide variety of diverse projects including developing innovative treatment options for processing by-products, expansion into aquaculture via large-scale mussel farming in Cape Breton, exploring novel production methodologies for marine plants (rockweed), and implementing several new seafood production ventures utilizing new and advanced technology.

Adam also works within the senior management team at Louisbourg Seafoods doing strategic and financial planning, team building, project development, and innovation.


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